Think Like a Winner: Wash. DC


20 feb, 2018 – 8:00 P.M.

(durante varios días)

10701 Old Georgetown Road
Rockville, MD 20852 Mapa

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Every Tuesday 8:00 pm: Washington DC:  Aish Hatorah11418 Old Georgetown Road N.Bethesda, MD 20852  Successful people make no secret that attitude is the most important ingredient to achieving great results. The only question is, how to switch ours for theirs? CORE-9 is going to show you the techniques anyone can use to create a winning attitude. Each session is practical and explains clearly how it will pivot your whole life towards greater success.    GUARANTEE: if you are unhappy with any part of the program, just let us know for a full refund! There's no better warranty on the market!   "Better than therapy.”   The Program is built around 9 CORE Sessions:   CORE 1: ATTITUDEJust telling people to improve their attitude just doesn't cut it! I am not sure if it ever did. As we all know, a great attitude dissolves every obstacle. But most people think it's a result of the coffee they drink or the weather that day. Attitude is not fickle - you can literally make yours great!CORE 2: THE GAME CHANGERIt's relatively easy to ruin your life. It takes no great genius, people are doing it all the time. So why can't we improve it just as quickly? This session is called the game changer because you will learn one amazingly simple technique that's going to change your entire life!CORE 3: TRANSFORMWhat is the worst word in the English language? What is the ONE WORD, that if you remove it from your vocabulary you will make success inevitable?CORE 4: ABSOLUTE SUCCESSWhat is the hardest thing to do in life? Most people think it's different for everyone. For some it's facing a fear, for another it's giving up an addiction. But the truth is, it's the same for everyone and it holds us all back! When you know what it is, and face it, finally, then absolute success is waiting for you.CORE 5: INFLUENCEKnowing how to influence the people you encounter is a necessary life skill, let alone a must for success. But the truth is, the gap between you and your hero is just as small as the gap between you and your villain. Learning how to influence others will teach you how to influence yourself, and that's where real success is found.CORE 6: PROBLEMS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEMHuman beings are amazingly gifted at solving problems, except their own! We are great at seeing the simple solution to other people's mess. Self awareness is the basic of all effectiveness. You don't need therapy, you just need this session.CORE 7: THE BIG "D"One of the great misnomers is that winners don't get depressed. What is true however, is that winners know how to use depression to get ahead.CORE 8: MASSIVE MOTIVATIONIQ and intelligence are good but what REALLY makes a winner is GRIT. "Endurance beats speed." Neroli Makim But what creates endurance? That's this session.CORE 9: INSPIRATIONInspired people do amazing things. Inspired people sell more, do more and achieve more. I am sure you have had times of great inspiration and you imagined touching the moon. And of course, there were times when just getting out of bed seemed a challenge. Knowing how to turn inspiration on is a major key to great success.  

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